3. L67 3.8L Supercharged V6 Intercooler Package
Posted by MACE Support 2 on 29 December 2016 06:52 AM

If you have undertaken most of the mods from our 'Budget Package' and 'Bolt-On Package', or want even more power out of your supercharged V6 with bolt-ons but want to venture into the intercooler path, then these are the mods for you:

  1. Boost upgrade kit
  2. 1.90:1 high ratio rockers
  3. Cold air intake for VS L67 V6 / Cold air intake for VT-VY L67 V6
  4. Cooler thermostat
  5. Intermediate Blizzard intercooler / Mini Blizzard intercoolerA2A intercooler 
  6. Bored out throttle body

This combination will have you sitting at around the 200rwkw mark with an abundance of low-down torque. Power figures will vary though depending on a variety of factors including; selected intercooler, engine condition, pulley size, transmission and dyno used. A custom dyno tune is mandatory following an intercooler fitment. Please contact us for performance workshops we can recommend around your area who specialize in these motors.

To achieve the best results, these mods should be used in conjunction with full exhaust system which should include extractors, hi-flow cats and an aftermarket cat-back.

Fitting instructions for all these kits are readily available off our website.

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